Kohler Lawn & Landscape offers Hydroseeding, Hydromulching, and Erosion Control solutions to Amarillo Texas, Canyon Texas, Bushland Texas, and the Texas Panhandle.

Hydroseeding is a cost-effective way to get a beautiful lawn  quick and easy!

What is Hydroseeding /  Hydromulching? - Hydroseeding is a process in which grass seed is mixed with water, mulch, tackifier, fertilizer, and a special soil conditioner in order to get faster, thicker germination at 1/3 the cost of sod on average. Hydroseeding isn't only cost effective, it is a great solution for erosion control, new lawns, lawn renovations and many other projects where vegetation needs to be established.

Hydromulching for Erosion Control - Hydroseeding/Hydromulching isn't just a great way to establish new lawns quickly, it is also great to control erosion on slopes, cut down on dust, and establish vegetation in hard to reach areas. Our powerful machines are capable of handing high-performance erosion control products and mulches such as Bonded Fiber Matrix products. We can mix the thickest slurries, and pump them hundreds of feet from the truck to the application site. For bulk quotes, or erosion control quotes please call us at (806)-340-3481

Hydroseed Price List for Amarillo, Canyon & Bushland

Full Load covers 3000sqft - 1/2 load covers 1500sqft

We can custom-mix, but the minimum is 1/2 load. We can spray less than 1/2 load but the minimum charge will still apply. 

1/2 Load 

Basic Tall Fescue - $0.35/sqft or $350 minimum

Premium Tall Fescue - $0.38/sqft or $380 minimum

Bermuda - $0.40/sqft or $400 minimum

Buffalo - $0.45/sqft or $450 minimum

Full Load 

Basic Tall Fescue - $0.32/sqft or $960 per load

Premium Tall Fescue - $0.35/sqft or $1050 per load

Bermuda - $0.38/sqft or $1140 per load

Buffalo - $0.42/sqft or $1260 per load

We can plant many other grass types, and erosion control products, call us today to get a custom quote (806)-340-3481

Travel mileage outside of the Amarillo area: $2/mi